Many say that the receiver is the heart of your home theater. That may be true, but it still needs movies and music pumped to it, and there’s no better delivery mechanism than the rugged DV-SP1000. One look at this DVD player and you’ll know it’s built to last. Vibrations are kept to a minimum, with a sturdy chassis and loading mechanism specifically designed for the smoothest delivery of your movies and music. “Universal” takes on an entirely new dimension, with the DV-SP1000 not only providing you with DVD Audio/Video and Super Audio CD playback, but also analog and pure digital reproduction. The inclusion of HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) and i.LINK (IEEE1394) deliver high-quality movies and multi-channel music. Add Onkyo’s VLSC (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry) and FlexScale™ from Oplus® (which enables video scaling of DVD discs from 480i to 480p/720p/768p and 1080i) and you’re guaranteed superlative audio and video playback that other manufacturers can’t match. You’ll find all of this contained within a THX® Ultra certified component that’s ready to deliver a sensational standard of audio and video to your home theater.