Dual- axis electromagnetic speed log
-Water speed in dual axis.
-Colour LCD screen with day/night screens.
-Sea Temperatur readout
-NMEA0183 and Analog pulses outpur
-3 Programable contact closure
Dual axis electromagnetic speed log
SKIPPER eml 224 speed log system is the latest in computer based speed log technology for use onboard merchant- and larger fishing vessels.
EML224 is a dual axis speed log, working on the electromagnetic principle. It provides information, about transversal and longitudinal ship speed, plus possible drift speed and angle.
EML224 gives speed information through water.
EML224 has a backlit, colour LCD display with «Soft-Keys» to choose between different screens. The operator can choose between several screens and through this obtain all necessary information concerning speed and drift.
The system may be interfaced with most modern peripheral equipment