SKIPPER GDF201 Black Box

1 frequency, 38/50 or 200 kHz, 2 kW, Option: External Printer, Optional external VGA

SKIPPER GDF201 Colour Sounder
Optional LCD/CRT monitor
Remote keyboard
Optional printer (Hewlett Packard)
Choice of 3 transducers/frequencies. (38, 50,200khz)
200 colour scale, from dark red to blue.
Alarm for deep and shallow water.
Navigation data on screen.
Trawl position and opening can be shown on screen providing a
sounder is connected to a trawl system. (SIMRAD ITI, SCANMAR)
Choice of screen modes for normal and bottom lock presentation.
Scale for bottom lock presentation 3 to 100 meters.
Phased ranges to 1600 meters. Phasing in 10,50 or 100m steps.
Adjustable size of expanded area.
Digital depth on screen.
Automatic and manual selection of scale.
Filter for reduction of noise.
Digital TVG-function.
Selection of colours for day/ night presentation.
Small size Remote keyboard for easy mounting.