TR-710 Marine Desktop

760 Channels and 10W output power Channel spacing  25/8.33 kHz in the band 117-137MHz Synthesizer, microprocessor controlled  Large, clear and dazzle-free graphical display with backlight illuminated keyboard with adjustable intensity. Large powerful loudspeaker. Jog-wheel control giving the user full control over volume, squelch, channels, frequency and settings in menus - Excellent large signal capabilities, giving very good co-location capabilities (exceeds specifications).

Adjustable output power, 1-10 Watt (40 watt PEP), in five steps. Built In Test Equipment (BITE) monitors the TR-710 and gives an alarm if a fault is detected. The BITE also decreases time spent on finding faults.

Can be equipped with headset. Headset can be used together with internal loudspeaker. Multifunction connector with 600 Ohm line in and out, squelch relay, key relay, key in, monitor output. For use as a desktop unit, the TR-710 is a good choice. The radio takes limited space, and is easy to move around. The radio has the possibility of 60 preselected channels. The BITE (Built In Test Equipment) is always keeping an update of the function of
both radio and antenna.

Operates on AC mains or DC mains. The radio has built-in loudspeaker with possibilities for external loudspeakers.