TR 7510 VHF/AM Transceiver

The transmitter have low inter-modulation, broadband noise, spurious and harmonics, giving excellent co-location capabilities.
Built in antenna relay for easy main/standby configuration. Proven high realiability design.
Both operational parameters and diagnostics available from remote interface ARC & ORC, or JOTRON RACS surveillance and control system (PC-software) Fully complient with ETSI specifications EN 300 676. This is a multi/single channel, 10/25 or 50W VHF/AM transceiver , mounted in a 19’’ sub-rack or in a desktop cabinet. The unit is 3U high and has 99 Ch fast recall store.  The channel spacing is standard 8.33 (25) kHz in the band 117.975-137 MHz (optional 156MHz) The radio has RS-485 serial interface and full digital control and diagnostics. It operates from AC mains with auto fail to 24VDC.
Microcomputer Controlled Transmitter and Receiver
Adjustable RF Output Power
Multichannel or Programmable
Fixed Channel Operation
Adjustable RF Power Output
Selectable channel spacing 25 kHz or 8.33 kHz
Remote and/or Local Control of All Functions
Built-in Coaxial Relay For Antenna and Control Transfer to Standby Units
RS-485 Multidrop Data Bus


  • LED display
  • User friendly frequency change
  • Programmable SingleChannel
  • RS-485 Multidrop Databus
  • Squelch button
  • Remote/Local switch
  • Audio volume
  • PTT
  • LED indicators