Tron 30S MkII

GMDSS float free satellite emergency position indicating radio beacon, EPIRB.

Operates on the SARSAT/COSPAS frequency 406MHz. Identification and positioning via satellite.
Transmits also on the air traffic emergency frequency 121,5 MHz for homing.

Complies with IMO/SOLAS/GMDSS regulations.
Why Tron 30S MKII is a reliable choice?

  • A simple built-in full function test
  • Built-in Antenna
  • Rugged housing and design
  • Global satellite-operating¬† beacon which alerts, identify and position down to 200m.
  • Decoding of pre-programmed data-code for control possible.
  • Comes with electrical heating element and various of different manual or float free brackets.
  • Self test with bulb light
  • Minimum 48 hours operating time.
  • Service and exchange beacons available.
  • Serviceable and programmable on board
  • Was the first type approved beacon by SARSAT/ COSPAS
  • Worldwide service support.
  • NATO Stock Code 5820-25-136-2044
  • The choice of Hellenic Coast Guard

When ordering Tron 30SMKII, the following information must be submitted:

  1. The nationality of the ship
  2. The call sign of the ship
  3. The MSSI no.of the ship