Tron 45S

Manual satellite emergency position-indicating radio beacon, EPIRB.
Designed for small vessels and various other applications. Manual or seawater activation. Manual switch panel and strobe light. Light weight and small size. Standard 24 hours operational time.
Operates on the SARSAT/ COSPAS frequency 406 MHz. Identification and positioning via satellite. Transmits also on the air traffic emergency frequency 121,5 MHz for homing.
Manual 121.5/406 MHz emergency positioning radio beacon EPIRB

  • Designed for small Vessels
  • Complete with Bracket
  • Easy Mounting with Bulk Head mounting bracket
  • Manual or sea water activation
  • Manual switch panel with strobe light
  • Low weight and easy to carry
  • Standard 24 or 48 hours operational time
  • Service stations worldwide
  • Based on well known Jotron technology and Design
  • Approved according to COSPAS / SARSAT