Want to experience multi-channel surround sound movies and hear your own music blissfully transformed with the latest audio formats from a Progressive Scan Universal player? Onkyo’s DV-SP502 provides the perfect source if you do. By incorporating Onkyo’s exceptional ‘build quality’—embracing high quality component such as 108 MHz/12-bit video and 192 kHz/24-bit audio DACs—with design considerations, the DV-SP502’s performance has not been compromised. And to crush any misconceptions that this is a mere DVD-Video CD player, the DV-SP502 also supports revolutionary music formats—Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio—played back through stereo or 5.1 multi-channel analog output, as well as your favorite MP3/WMA/JPEG files through CD-R and CD-RW. With such versatile multi-capabilities, the DV-SP502 will keep your entertainment options open for years to come.