Ra-7202 VHF / AM Receiver

RA-7202 is a  multi/single channel receiver that covers all channels from 118-137 MHz (optional 156 MHz).
Channel spacing is  25 kHz (optional 12.5/8.33 kHz).
The receiver is designed in a 3HU high 19’’ rack.
Totally 6 units fits in one subrack frame.
It has a user friendly frequency change by 2 push-buttons. All operating aspects can be done directly from operators panel. The  remote control goes via RS -232/RS-485 with selectable serial data bus.
Covers all channels from 118 to 137MHz.
(Optional 156 MHz).
Fixed frequency operation field programmable (local or remote).
Input voltage from 21.6 to 31.2 VDC or 115 VAC / 230VAC auto select.
Local control of all operating aspects directly from operators panel.
Remote control via RS232/RS485 selectable serial data bus.
Up to 128 units on the same 2 wire remote line - RS 485.
Built in NOISE Blanker. SW selectable on/off.
Built in AUDIO AGC. SW selectable on/off.
Built in automatic test equipment (BITE) continuously checking important parameters.
Readout on local display and/or remotely by serial line.
Alarm signal shown on front panel and available on remote lines. Alarm signal may be used to enable an other receiver for an automatic main/standby system.
"Meets or exceeds EN 300 676 specification".
With 8 characters normally shows the operating frequency. A push-button selects different measurements available internally in the receiver. Measurements include voltages, IF and LNA Current, Synthesiser lock
detect, AGC level, line level and temperature.
Set-up of the remote address etc. can also be selected from the front panel. In case of an alarm, the cause of the alarm will automatically be shown in the display to ease service.