Radome or Open

Navman digital radar means :

•Superior detection and discrimination of moving targets, land contours, navigation aids (buoys, beacons…) thanks to the 10bit high resolution processor combined with A-DSP (advanced digital signal processing) : small distant targets are easily viewable and do not blur.

•Sensitivity Time Control (STC) presents targets better and rejects clutter under rough weather conditions, using sensitivity settings (manual or automatic) tailored for specific conditions.

•Chart overlay with outstanding crisp display

•MARPA software : selects and tracks up to 10 potential targets on-screen.

•Guard-zone alarms : will alert you to the presence of any target entering the user-defined area.

•A host of automatic functions and simplified connections
Simply add a Navman radar option (radome or open array) and your 8120 or 8084 datahelm becomes a powerful radar system.
The radar option consists in a scanner and a processor unit.
•Radome scanners are compact, lightweight and require modest energy consumption. Ideal on sail or power boats, when space is at a premium.
•Open array scanners require more mounting space and deliver enhanced detection range and performance (narrow beam width provides improved target discrimination) : ideal for power yachts, merchant vessels or larger sailing yachts that demand maximum performance.