Mobile Radios

Mobile Radios
TP6000, TP6000 micro, TP6000 Mjölner, TP6000-data, TP6000-data/voice. All radios in the TP6000 range of mobile transceivers are designed for at least 50% transmission and 50% reception/standby. Mobile repeater versions can be dimensioned for 100% transmission duty cycle. The TP6000 is available for the 68 - 88, the 139 - 174 and the 335 - 470 MHz frequency bands.
With channel capacity of 127 channels, RF Transmitter Output Power of up to 50 - 60 W without external amplifier, and both Simplex, Semi-duplex (half duplex) and full duplex operating modes, the TP6000 is one of the most flexible ranges of mobile transceivers available.
The TP6000-d data radio (GMSK modulated) has a built-in RS232 modem, and the standard model uses a transparent protocol (no pre-formatting of data required). Other protocols are available. Signalling encoders and decoders: CTCSS Pilot Tone, FFSK and CCIR/ZVEI/EEA Sel Call (Select 5).
The TP6000 is also available as a mobile repeater, with both same-band and split-band repeater configurations. Different tone system and formats can be used at either "side" of the mobile transceiver. Enclosure options for the portable radio / repeater include the BK003 and BK004 watertight cabinets. The radio system can also be mounted in a robust aluminium briefcase.
Mobile accessories: Control Units BE601 and BE901 (Mjölner), Weatherproof Control Units BE602 and BE902 (Mjölner), Mobile PC, Mobile Terminal Unit, Printers, GPS receiver and antennas, Antennas, Loudspeakers, Hand Microphone and Speaker, Fixed Microphones, Headsets and MC helmets, Split Mount Kit and various installation kits including MC Installation Kit.
Applications: Conventional Radio Networks, FFSK Radio Networks and Data Radio Networks i.e. Taxi booking and fleet management systems, Emergency and Rescue, Transport, Public Transport, Mining, Electricity, Water & Sewerage, Ports and Airports, Oil & Gas etc. etc.