Vistar 172

The Vistar 172 was designed as a lower cost device to aid navigation of large yachts, work boats, in fact anyone who may wish to navigate safely at night.
The 172 was not designed to meet either the IMO or the Hong Kong specifications but is intended for use where IMO Regulations are not mandatory.
The system is designed to aid the helmsman in navigating in congested waters or moorings. The 172 can be invaluable in detecting objects in the water ahead of the craft such as debris, unlit craft or swimmers.
The basic system consists of a fixedVigilant 18 mm image intensified camera with a wide field of view (30°) mounted to give a clear and unobstructed view forward
The CRT display is mounted inside the bridge or cabin. The images presented on the display give the helmsman a clear picture of what lies ahead, showing objects that may remain invisible to radar
Many of the features that Vistar have developed for use on fast ferries are included in the 172. An electronic visor can be lowered from the top of the screen to eliminate glare from harbour lights. Range markers enable estimates of the target range to be made. A washer and wiper ensures the camera window kept clear