Data Multiplexer

The MU232 is a multiplexer and de-multiplexer based on the Time Division principle. The MU232 is designed for use in connection with the TP Radio series of data radios, but it can also be applied as a stand-alone product as part of a wired data network. The MU232 provides 1 (Main I/O) to 4 RS232 (Sub I/O) ports multiplexing and 4 to 1 de-multiplexing.The programming / setup is made through a separate RS232 programming port. Whether applied in a radio or a wired data network, the MU232 will provide a large capacity and cost saving factor by reducing the requirement of radio channels (and transceivers) or telephone lines. The MU232 is ideal for implementation in SCADA, Telemetry (and PLC) networks but it is also suitable for use in connection with e.g. PC LAN’s and WAN’s.

The MU232 is housed in a rugged aluminum enclosure and designed to withstand the harsh environment to which PMR equipment is exposed.

Sub I/O RS232: Baud rate: 600 to 115200, 5, 6, 7, or 8 data bit, 1 or 2 stop bit, CTS, RTS, None, Even or Odd parity.
Main I/O RS232: Baud rate: 600 to 115200, 8 data bit, 1 stop bit, CTS, RTS, None parity, Scanning 20 to 100 ms. / 20 ms intervals, Synchronous or non-synchronous.
Max total bandwidth: Approx. 38500 bps. (shared between the 4 ports).
Programming RS232: Baud rate: 19200, 8 data bit, 1 stop bit, None parity.
Supply Voltage: 8 -15 V DC. Current Drain: 150 mA @8 V & 100 mA @15 V. Temperature
Range: -25 to + 55 °C. Dimensions: H: 45, W: 153, D: 119 mm. Weight: 690 g.
LED indicators: TX data each port / flickering on overflow. Power on and Link OK.