Data Radios

Our range of data and data + voice transceivers comprises Simplex, Semi-duplex and full Duplex data radios for 2400 / 4800 bps FFSK and 9600 bps point to multi-point GMSK (TP6000i). We can also supply 26,400 bps point to point radios (BS2000d / RP2009).
The TP6000d transceiver unit is specifically designed for data transmission and reception (TP6000d-v data and voice version also available), using GMSK data modulation, which results in data communication at a speed of 9600 bps on a 20 or 25 kHz-spaced channel.
The TP6000d can be supplied with a fully transparent protocol (no pre-formatting of data required) or with a protocol matching the message format of an existing SCADA system.
The BS2000d / RP2009 is a point to point link with a capacity of 26,400 bps over a 25 kHz-spaced channel.
The standard I/O interface is RS232 (data, RTS and CTS only), but we can supply data radios with other I/O interfaces on request. The data radios are available in a number of enclosures for mobile and fixed installations, and for mounting within other enclosures, such as SCADA racks and Remote Terminal Units.
The TP6000i / BS2000d is available for the 68 - 88, the 139 - 174 and the 335 to 470 MHz frequency bands. The channel capacity is 32 channels, and transmitter RF output power is up to 60 W (special order) without external amplifier. The standard transmitter RF output power is 25 W.
The MU232 Multiplexer allows several data streams to be combined on a single data link. It can be used in both point to point and point to multipoint configurations.
In the near future, the TP8000 Atlantis hand portable radio will be available for transmission and reception of data with a speed of up to 19,600 bps.
By 2004, TP Radio will introduce a 19,200 bps version of the TP6000d data radio with a direct TCP-IP network interface, suitable for integration with our TCP-IP radio trunking system (in development).
Applications: Data Radio Networks and SCADA and Telemetry systems, i.e. Taxi booking and fleet management systems, Emergency and Rescue, Transport, Public Transport, Mining, Electricity, Water & Sewerage, Ports and Airports, Oil & Gas etc. etc.