BS2000 & RP2000 - RP20XY The BS2000 is a modular-constructed fixed radio for voice, data and voice and data communication. The BS2000 can be configured in numerous ways and a number of different cabinets are available. Simplex, Semi-duplex and full Duplex. Voice and data 9600/19,200 bps (point to multi-point) and voice, full duplex data 26,400 bps (point to point) and voice.
Single transceiver or full duplicated with automatic changeover function. 100% duty cycle. The BS2000 is available for the 68 - 88, the 139 - 174 and the 335 to 470 MHz frequency bands. With channel capacity of 127 channels, RF Transmitter Output Power of up to 50 - 60 W without external amplifier, the BS000 can match just about any base radio specification.
The BS2000-d data radio (GMSK modulated) has a built-in RS232 modem, and the standard model uses a transparent protocol (no pre-formatting of data required).
Signalling encoders and decoders: CTCSS Pilot Tone, FFSK and CCIR/ZVEI/EEA Sel Call (Select 5).
Accessories and systems: BE901 ("Mjölner") Control Unit / Handset for local control of both simple base stations and repeater bases. HB039 Table-top Control Unit for extended local control or remote control. Repeater Control, Phone Patches & Systems with Phone Patch facility, Line Interfaces, Line Modems, Fault Monitoring, Power Supply and Battery Charging unit, DC - DC converters, 19" Rack Cabinets, Weatherproof Wall Cabinets, Coaxial Relays, Isolators, Attenuators, Coaxial Cable and Connectors.
Applications: Conventional Radio Networks, FFSK Radio Networks and Data Radio Networks, data, voice and phone/fax/internet and PC Links i.e. SCADA and Telemetry Systems, Remote Monitoring and Supervision Systems, Data Aquisition Systems, Taxi booking and fleet management systems, Emergency and Rescue, Transport, Public Transport, Mining, Electricity, Water & Sewerage, Ports and Airports, Oil & Gas etc. etc.