OnBoard Marine Radios

The UHF version of the TP8000 hand portable radio can be programmed for the frequencies and power levels specified by the on-board UHF marine radio standards, ITU-R M1174 and ETU 300 720. When thus programmed, the TP8000 UHF radio is certified type-approved for on-board marine use.
TP Radio supplies pre-programmed and type-approved radios for this purpose.
General technical specifications are as for the standard TP8000 UHF radio, but bear in mind that the maximum power level is preset to 2W, and only the following channels are available when the TP8000 is programmed as an on-board marine radio:
457.525 MHz 467.525 MHz
457.550 MHz 467.550 MHz
457.575 MHz 467.575 MHz